Queer Glam Goth

Pretty Frankenstein is a genre-defying group comprised of Grey Starr, Marina and Paulina. They are from and reside in the East Bay and all members are queer and POC.

Their sound is inspired by the creaking floorboards of a haunted house, 1,000 bats dispersing into the night & a witch's well-used tarot deck being shuffled. (AKA The Cramps meets David Bowie's love child with Trent Reznor and a sprinkling of MCR.) 

Pretty Frankenstein has played their way through the Bay Area; headlining Halloween shows at Yoshi's, opening for a Grammy winner at The Fillmore, generating a moshpit at 924 Gilman and fighting off Astro Zombies at Slim's (with a misfits coverband).

They have been featured on radio stations such as KPOO, KLAX, Radio Free Brooklyn, Live 105 & former KFOG.

Grey Starr


Guitar, Vox, Producer

Paulina Morales Palacios



Marina Morales Palacios


Bass, Vox